My first week by the coast (and a half)

Since landing at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday, january 6th, I’ve finished my crochet jacket, had approximately 14 cups of tea, maybe more, experienced a train delay of about 85 minutes in total, one delay being due to rain (Rain in England? How odd.) and eaten three curries.

My uncle and aunts house is near the sea in a very small village. And when I say small I mean a main road, some fields, some side side streets, a fish&chips shop, a hair-dresser and a co-op. To get anywhere at all in an acceptable time, you either have to take the car or the bus (the last one goes around six pm).

A benefit of living by the sea is that the air is rather fresh and we can go for walks on the beach with the dogs, like we just did an hour ago. The down-side is the wind. It is very windy. But at least I can look at the sea when I come out of the train station in the morning to go to work.

My aunt and uncle are very nice, but I already knew that. It seems that we can’t go in a shop though without  my aunt buying something. I’ve started feeling guilty when we go into shops because of me. I’m not sure how many times we have been in a Cath Kidston Store in these last one and a half weeks. It is pretty awful in there, I have to say. Seeing all those flowery, pink and blue kitchen objects, it looks to me a like a nicely done up plot to set back feminism and put women back in a kitchen from the 50’s. You can  get sewing stuff, aprons, pots and plates and cups and all of them look like they’ve been plastered with wallpaper. Their tea towels don’t absorb water at all. They are just over-priced, flowery and useless.

Anyway, how is work. On Monday I had my first day at the Groundlings Theatre in Portsmouth. Since then I have also been using the train regulary and I can’t recall a time it was not late in the morning. On friday I got out to change and Cosham and my connection was 35 minutes late.

Anyhow, the Groundlins Theatre isn’t your grand London venue, but it’s still very pretty. The Georgian building was put up in 1784 and used to be a beneficial school for many years. According to Dudley and a couple of other members of staff, there are up to ten ghosts in that building. One is called George and he was berched for bringing a bow and arrow to school and hitting another boy with it. Another is a little girl, Emily, who walks you down the stairs and then disappears. Another one is the very first headmaster, a very strict and cruel man. The stories I have heard coud be taken directly from a horror movie. I will wait to see if I have my own paranormal experience in the time to come. In the costume room there’s supposed to be a boy who throws shoes at you.

The theatre does plays and musicals, has a costume hire, a drama school (this last week my project has been to advertise this drama school in different ways) and you can hire the venue for weddings and film scenes. They also have a cafe/bar.

My favourite day so far was the Thursday when my boss didn’t have another job for me (I finished my two-week project in about four days) and I got to help out with the costumes! It was quite hard work, I suppose, sorting costumes, lifting boxes up and down, running up and down past Emily, hanging up curtains in the changing room  (used to be the headmasters office), but I really enjoyed it. The next day though I was late due to the train and because my boss still had no new job for me, he gave me a list with 101 schools and told me to do sales calls, advertising workshops they do for schools. I got to 31 and refused to any more for the day and I felt ten times more tired than the day before. I am dreading doing the other 70. I could just refuse to do it as it is only a time-filler, I’m pretty rubbish at it and I am not getting paid to do any of it.

I hope that by Monday he will have the next project for me. I think this time I will make sure I don’t finish it too soon. I hate making sales calls. I do. I do.

So, that’s it for now. By the way I am working on my 15th cup of tea right now. Cheers.


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