Weekend Update

And no, Seth Meyers is not here.

Anyhow, it’s about high time I blogged again and told you all about living my mother’s dream, which is living by the sea, even it is but for three months.

So as I sit here, binge-watching friends, which my uncle finds highly unfunny, eating what’s left of the lemon meringue pie my aunt made last week, I will try my best to recapitulate (is that a word?) what’s been going on with me these last few weeks.

I’ve finally come down with that cold that everybody in the theatre has been walking around with – and that my aunt had – and my uncle – but it’s getting better, slowly. Also, I’ve been working on making trees out of potato bags and monkey ears out of monkey tails…and then new monkey tails and still we don’t have enough monkey ears.

Now, my boss was in Star Wars. Yes. He was in Star Wars and apparently he was also in Gladiator..or on the set of Gladiator. Anyhow he was Obi Wan Kenobi’s stunt double, from what I hear. There were two Belgian girls doing a work experience who were pretty starstruck when they heard about all those celebrities he’s allegedly met. I am rather jealous that he worked with Ewan McGregor, to be honest. Very. But oh well, I’ll get there 😛

Working in a theatre is very, very awesome. It’s not how imagined it, but the way I imagined it I run around with a clipboard, I have a messy bun that looks surprisingly good anyhow, also I often have very big nerdy glasses on – and I don’t own any – and everybody is running around and there are two actors practicing a sword fight in the corner, staff working everywhere to get the set ready in time, seamstresses working on the finishing touches of a costume, directors going over ideas with animated hand gestures and I saw myself bloom in the whole atmosphere. And working in the theatre, in reality, is quite tiring, but fulfilling at the same time. I prefer to work in the costumes department, which I am now, than working at the computer. It’s more hands on.

However, I was talking about my boss, wasn’t I? Right, well, he can be very…artsy fartsy. And at times most annoying. You see, he has a look. When he doesn’t like something – and this is often the case – he puts on that face. It’s a kind of look where his lips get tighter, his eyebrows closer together and from his nose there is a deep sigh. And then – after what feels like an hour – he says something like: “Uuuh, it’s not enough …. wow.” or “It’s too….uff.”

I spent two bloody days working on a pair of posters guided by that kind of information. Only so that they could change it all again afterwards. They – and I mean the people who usually do the designing of the posters when they’re not leaving it to the volunteers – and I have very different taste. One frustrated evening I told my uncle it was quite like a fifth grader just discovered clip art. Of course it’s not really that bad, but after two wasted days of designing and redesigning and redesigning again, I really did feel that way.

Now. I can go on about a lot of things. But to be honest I am very tired, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Tudelooo.


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