The G7-Veal-Summit (don´t mention the NSA)

So this is going to be a very general post about politics, but I am writing it due to the G7-Summit which started today in Bavaria.

Surely, if you´ve been watching the news, you will probably have heard about some of the topics that are to be discussed this time: Greece and the financial crisis, Syria, the Ukraine, the environment…

Today it is the most predominant topic on the German News. One of the topics that goes along with this summit are the protestors.

Basically, there is no way they can get near “Schloss Elmau”, which is where the summit is being held, there are around 30000 policemen and women on duty, most of them moving along with the protestors or guarding the safety fence around the castle. Basically, none of the politicians will ever see or hear any demostrations opposing to the G7-Summit.

G7, because Putin was not invited.  Boo-Hiss.

To be honest I am not wise enough to see whether or not these power displays are really going to work or not or if it´s just going to make things worse.

Today on N24, a German News Channel where they basically show nothing but larger-than-life documentaries about space and the military and aliens and 9/11 – oh and World War 2, obviously – they showed a documentary about Obama´s super helicopter with bulletproof glass and loads of space and Doppelgangers to confuse any hostile parties. It is everywhere where he is to get him to safety as quickly as possible.

So, what I am saying is, those big boys and girls out there eating German delicatessen on “Schloss Elmau” decide our future. It has always been the big guys making big decisions and the rest of us – the military who heed some weird illusion that it´s worth fighting for their country – or generally anyone who doesn´t own a super-duper bulletproof helicopter that they keep in their back garden (with bulletproof super green grass and soldiers dressed a garden gnomes) always were, always will be the ones carrying the major consequences.

For example, while he may feel the growing pressure, I somehow doubt that it´s Putin who has problems filling his stomach or paying the rent  due to the sanctions.

Merkel will rule Germany until all the old people here have finally passed away and like all other politicians she´ll survive by making up excuses and sitting out crisis.

Today, after a Bavarian veal sausage breakfast Obama and Merkel announced that Germany and the USA are good friends despite “tensions”, lately. Tensions being the NSA-affair or the TTIP-agreement. Tensions being hundreds of protestors gathering in pointless opposition.

At this point I´d like to apologise to Edward Snowdon. When this whole NSA-thing first appeared, I did not take it seriously. I thought, well, I have nothing to hide. But now I see that it simply is wrong and immoral, especially now since Germany has introduced a 10-month period during which they can store all of our Data, as in our phone calls, our Internet usage (surely that´ll be fun for them) and so on.


Now the protestors say they oppose to the summit because this summit represents a crooked system. Agreed^^ Though I am not sure that they should oppose to the summit itself. In an ideal world this summit could change things for the better. They could decide to take actual, real action against global warming or choose to improve the situation for refugees.

But we all know that´s not going to happen.

At the end of all of this, Merkel and Co. are going to step outside and say something along the lines of: “Well, we talked and we came to some opinions and we get along quite well now, we are on the same page about a couple of topics. It was a successful summit because we have strengthened our relationships.”

Seriously, this is always what they say. It´s like this isn´t a summit, but a couple´s retreat.

So in that sense this is just a waste of money and a way to wind up Putin.

Well done…

In a few weeks I will be moving to Switzerland where we get to vote on generally anything. We will see if this makes me happier or not. Here I could not vote as I am not German, but I do understand why many young German voters do not vote. What´s the point, after all?


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