Why I need to move out

To start off; I get on well with my parents. I am incredibly grateful for all they have done for me and continue to do. I know that I could not do the things I do or live the way I live without their support and understanding.

The thing is, and this is not some theory I just invented, that once you are older (and I am now twenty) you begin to live more and more by your own rules, especially if you´ve spent some time away from home. I don´t just mean sleeping habits. I mean general household rules. And sometimes, it was this way with my sister and it is starting to show with me now, the “children´s” rules and those of the parents do not work together.

With my mother being the main bread-winner, my father does most of the shopping and cleaning besides working from home. Now, while my mother seems to have a general understanding of ethical consumption, my father certainly does not.

It took my sister and I years to train him to get free-range eggs at least, even if they are not organic, at least they got to run around. Now I have been working hard to get him to buy organic milk, too. But you know what he does? He buys one or two litres (gallons, pints, whatever) of organic milk and three or four litres of non-organic.

Does he think I´m stupid?

And now, I came home from a visit in Germany yesterday, now he has bought barn eggs, when he´d been buying free-range eggs for ages now! WHY?

I can tell you one thing, I am not eating those eggs.

While I know that eating eggs in general is not that ethical because even on big organic farms they tend to kill the little baby boy chicks, it´s far better to at least buy free-range eggs than if they were just kept inside all the time.

Maybe I´ll go vegan just to annoy him.

And then there is another thing.

Is it so hard to put your dishes in the dishwasher? And if the dishwasher is full and you don´t have time to empty it, fine, just leave your dirty dishes on the side. But that does not mean you can leave your stinky banana skins and gone brown apples on the side too, all mixed together in a bowl you used for cereal this morning, oh, and with an empty yoghurt cup thrown in too, unrinsed of course. The bin is right next to the sink!

And when I was willing to throw his banana skins and his or my mums apple in the compost bin, I could not find it. It´s disappered! Where the fuck is it?

So anyway I have emptied the dishwasher, refilled it with my stuff and some more things. But I am not touching his stinky banana skin.


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