Eve: The Awakening by Jenna Moreci

While I know I don´t usually do book reviews, I decided to make an exception this time. It doesn´t seem to want to leave my mind, so what better way to clear the air than through a blog post. Alternatively I could just leave a thousand comments on the Authors blog, but let´s keep it simple, shall we.

I first came across Jenna Moreci in the wonderful land of YouTube, looking for writing tips. On a side note: She does give rather good writing tips; they´re honest and straight-forward and cover a wide range of topics. But, moving on, I discovered that this lovely lady had a book out (I realise I might be sounding bias already, but never mind that: Keep reading!), called Eve: The Awakening, as you may have guessed by now. On her website: http://jennamoreci.com/ she lets you read the first three chapters of her book. So, that´s what I did. I started with the first one (yes, that´s what you usually do, but let me finish), thinking I´d just see if it´s any good. Soon I found myself at the end of chapter three with an overwhelming urge to read the rest.

Here´s why:

Eve: The Awakening by Jenna Moreci

Plot summary (Sort of): Evelyn Kingston is a chimera, a group of people who, in reality, represent the next step in human evolution as they don´t get sick, heal more easily, are faster and are generally more improved. They also have the ability to master telekinesis. But that´s not how most see them. Many don´t even see them as human at all. Part of the reason for the hatred towards them, is that they attract the Interlopers, an alien species roaming the earth for chimeras and quite hazardous to everybody, if I may put it that way. Eve lives a life of exclusion and isolation, so when she is accepted to one of the most prestigeous universities in the States, she takes this chance to start a new life as an anonymous, normal human being…

Let´s face it, I am awful at writing summaries, so let´s get to the review-bit:

So, there are many reasons why I enjoyed reading this book and so I don´t go off getting all mixed up, I´m going to list them:

  1. The characters: If you are looking for flat, one-sided characters – go somewhere else. The people in this story are not only very complex in a way that is interesting and believable, but there is a lot of two-faced business going on (or three-faced or four-faced?!) – you will see what I mean when you read the book – and it constantly keeps you wondering, who is who…or what! And what would their incentive be for this or that? And god, I wish I could just skip to the end and find out!
    Those are just some of the thoughts that passed through my humble head as I read this book, which brings me to my next point:
  2. The fight scenes: Have you ever read a book or seen a film and thought: “That sounds exactly like the type of thing someone would say before they are about to die”? Well, especially for my favourite character, this thought entered my mind a lot. It was nerve-wrecking. Personally I was never that into books with major fight scenes, I just wanted to know the outcome and be done with it, but this time was different. It´s the way the fight scenes are written that fills you with a sense of awe (and ooohs, and ouch, that must have hurt…) that I actually ended up waiting for those fight scenes. The female protagonist, Eve, can be incredibly “badass” (There is simply no better word to describe her) and it shows especially in these situations, among others. My inner feminist was cheering out loud when Eve – and this does not just count for the fight scenes – was perfectly capable of saving her own self without waiting for her hero to save her. Though don´t get me wrong, there are certainly plenty of moments of weakness for the entire group (what group, you ask? Well, you´ll have to read the book). That´s what makes the fight scenes so interesting, the ups and downs, the descriptions – though be warned, I cringed a couple of times because it was a bit gross in parts…but I´m a wimp – the general dynamic style of writing – all sum up to a very enjoyable reading experience of butt and chest and head kicking.
  3. The message: Now, I am not telling you what the message is, but I personally feel it´s quite important. There are quite a few messages, actually. I count at least three – or four, but I suppose that is also a question of interpretation. A tip: It has to do with discrimination, challenging gender- and sexuality-based stereotypes and…kicking ass ?! I think it´s probably best if you just interpret your own message, as surely not everybody sees it the same way. For example I have a friend who sees a criticism of capitalist society everywhere
  4. The humor: This book had me laughing out loud on the train and it´s not even a comedy. It surprised me how funny it was in situations I was certainly not expecting humor. It´s both subtle and…the opposite of subtle…brought across through dialogue aswell as narrative (Yes, I know, how else is it supposed to be funny? Through the blank space between the lines? Duh…) Even the fight scenes were funny at times.
  5. The feeling: Aaaaw, yes I am also referring to that warm feeling in your lower belly – but not just that. I am talking about the tension, the emotion. You do feel – or I did – with the characters and I think that´s a great achievement to maintain this connection throughout the whole book. You feel scared, worried, extremely concerned as to what the heck is going to happen next – or happy or relieved or angry (or pick any kind of emotion, I seem to be just listing them…). There was this one scene where Eve encounters a very kind, rather excentric woman who insists on her being chimera is very good thing. The way it´s written, I suppose, it made my heart melt more than anything else in the story. But that´s just me.

So, all in all, as you could probably tell, I very much enjoyed reading the book. I actually want to read it again, but I don´t have the time, unfortunately. And what´s with the nose bleed in the picture, you ask? Well, it´s quite important, you may have to read the book.

The author has a YouTube Channel you should certainly take a look at. You can buy the book via the website (link is posted above).

I´d say that deserves a round of applause – for me, because I managed to get through a fairly structured review, right?

Just kidding…

So, if I did not convince you, that´s fine. You should just follow the link above and then maybe read the first chapter…you know…she what happens…


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