The girl M. and the secret cloud gazing society

Based on a little girl in my neighbourhood – an excerpt:

When the girl tilted her wand forward, tip still on the page, the circle of light expanded in almost every direction. When she moved it back, the light returned to centre. When she twisted her wand, this same circle of light grew thicker.
Then somebody closed the curtains and the light disappeared, transforming her wand of light back into a regular pen.
The girl sighed as her mind wandered back to their reality. The teacher was explaining something on the blackboard; it showed a wall of bricks of which some had numbers in them and some didn´t. There were smudges all around the edges, mostly though at the top and bottom. They´d been created through a mix of water and white chalk. They looked a bit like clouds.
Except that they had sharp edges and weren´t hanging in mid-air, but clinging onto the edge like they might fall down. Maybe the clouds on the bottom had fallen down all the way from the top. The girl wondered if clouds could be heavy – and did falling down hurt?
She had never seen one of the clouds crash down before, but perhaps they waited until lunchtime.
The girl made a note to check the clouds the next day, see if they had moved.
She wasn´t sure she would be able to hold onto something for an entire morning. Especially as she always got very hungry around lunchtime. She was hungry now. Was it almost time to go home? She wondered if her mum would make those meatballs again in creamy gravy, embedded in mashed potatoes.

The girl peered at the big clock hanging above the door. It only had black and white stripes on it, so it was impossible to read the time. She wasn´t sure if this was even a real clock. Maybe it was a pretend-clock like her toys at home. She had pretend-bread her mum had told her she couldn´t eat and pretend-money and even a pretend-dog which barked when you pressed its tummy. Maybe that clock was just like all of her things at home, but hanging all the way above the door didn´t make it much fun for anyone. It was too high up to play with. Then again they rarely had toys at school, only books and a small decaying castle outside. The girl preferred to be at home, where all of her toys were, where her sister chased the cat around the garden and where she could go to her room and play for hours.
The bell rang and the girl went home. After lunch, her mum asked the girl about homework and she said they didn´t have any. After all, the girl had not heard anything or written anything down. She spent the rest of the afternoon playing with her pretend-dog, Arielle.


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