Turns out, he´s gay

Five years after leaving my wonderful secondary school (7,8,9th grade), I´ve talked to an old friend I was bullied with. I got on with him quite well, I critisized him for supporting the SVP (Swiss people´s party…right-wing fucking idiots…anyway) and he probably always thought I was a bit of a hippie. But other than that, … More Turns out, he´s gay

Recap of my first university semester

Hello, hello, hellooooo *imagine this in Count Olaf´s voice from “Lemony Snicket´s: An unfortuante series of events”* I´m back, it´s three a.m. and I am knackered – absolutely knackered. But I can´t sleep. Today I finally got all my christmas shopping done, almost fainted because I donated blood yesterday and I have finished all my … More Recap of my first university semester