Recap of my first university semester

Hello, hello, hellooooo *imagine this in Count Olaf´s voice from “Lemony Snicket´s: An unfortuante series of events”*

I´m back, it´s three a.m. and I am knackered – absolutely knackered. But I can´t sleep. Today I finally got all my christmas shopping done, almost fainted because I donated blood yesterday and I have finished all my exams for this semester. YAY.

So. You might remember that I started university in september and I was panicking about it before that since about…july? To all you people out there about to start uni – it´s not as bad as your anxiety-ridden, panicking, over-analysing self may think. Yes, there are rules and regulations, legal matters, deadlines and yes, you have to work all the time so you don´t fall behind, but if you´re studying something you really enjoy with people who are really enthousiastic, it´s all  half bad. Besides, they do not want to eat you for dinner. I had that theory once when we were invited to a party for the linguistics institute and us first-semester studuents were first to arrive. The thought “Maybe we´re the dinner” did honestly cross my mind for one, quick, crazy second. By the way if I am making no sense, as I said, it´s 3 am.
It has been an eventful year. And if there is but one conclusion I can … conclude from this, it´s: I now like strong(-ish) coffee. There was a time in the first few weeks when I relied on coffee to keep me awake. Then I decided enough was enough and I switched to drinking a lot of water and maybe some green tea. A few weeks after that I was back to coffee. Ah well. I feel like this post is going to be quite…rambly. Sorry.

So, what are my subjects like: Awesome.

Linguistics is really interesting, especially the historical part, reconstructing sounds and words from languages that don´t even exist anymore, learning about the nature of language and about pidgins, for example, in Tok Pisin, a pidgin language spoken in New Guinea, “weed” means “grass nogut”. A pidgin, by the way, is a type of artificial language created for trade-purposes or for other, at times more sinister reasons. My teachers (professors…but not quite) are really enthousiastic, which helps a lot, and my co-students are also very much into the subject which is a huge difference to when I was in school.

Theatre studies is also really interesting, I did not even know what this course all entailed. It´s not just theatre we look at, but anything related to it; religion, culture, society, politics and lots and lots of theories about history and time and space and whuaaah!

No, but really, it´s very interesting…

Aside from uni work (which is a lot) I also wrote 1000 words  a week of my novel. Now that uni is over I have switched to 1000 words a day, but I failed today, so tomorrow (…today) I have to make up for it. Also, I am learning Swedish and I have worked at a restaurant for about three months now. I just passed my probation phase, which means it takes them a bit longer to fire me. I´m not going to lie. I still get anxiety when I have to go to work, especially if I haven´t had enough time to mentally prepare myself. But it helps to know what I´ll be doing, for example if I am exclusively at the bar (my favourite section) or if I will be serving at a banquett (also ok) or as a runner, which will probably include serving food and drink to guests…which is kind of the main part of my job description and also the part I dread the most. I have been looking for something else, but until then I am going to have to get used to working at the restaurant.

Oh, and I might have come up with a title idea for my novel. I can´t tell you, it´s in German anyway. But yay me, right?

Romance-wise, if you really want to know (you don´t, do you?), there is absolutely nothing because I just let the last chance I had slip right down my cold shoulder (do you say that in english? To show somebody the cold shoulder?) – anyway, and all because I massively panicked.

So, that´s it for now, I will try to get some sleep.

Merry Christmas to you 🙂


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