Moving out of Hotel Mama & Dada

First of all, happy new year, my dear people! I hope you´ve had a good start, I know I didn´t.

But let´s focus on the good stuff: I´ve written 20´000 words of my novel and I´ve not even finished chapter three. The thing is, I have always written short stories and had a hard time extending them. But this time I did some proper planning and outlining and it really seems to be working, so far.

Furthermore, last year, my friend and I were studying at my place and we had a tea break, as in dinner. We had Raclette. It was awesome. Becoming vegan is going to really hard (I´m considering it for the sake of the enviromment and animal wellfare, but…well…hm). Anyway, we´d known each other for a bit less than three months at the time, but we really get on. And she asked me if I´d consider moving in with her. I was really excited, because firstly I´ve been looking for someone to move in with all semester (which is sooo long, right? xD) and secondly because I´m glad it´s her. I had a bit of a disappointment earlier on in the year where a friend of mine asked if I wanted to move in with her and then just moved in with a bunch of other people like we´d never even discussed it. Ah well. But I think moving in with this friend (the new…uni one) would be a good idea since she´s equally crazy as me, is drug-free and well…compared to her, I´m an alcoholic…but well…that´ll work. Obviously there is still a lot to discuss, like the budget, the exact area (the distance to uni) etc. She also suggested we move in with a friend of hers who is also studying at Berne Uni and is from a far away place called Graubünden. Takes about three hours or so from here. I have never met this person, but she can´t be that bad xD We´ve only chatted on WhatsApp so far, but we will all be meeting up on wednesday to get to know each other.

As easily excitable as I am, my mind has been buzzing with ideas and questions regarding the move. What is our budget? Where would it be? What will be our cleaning arrangements? What are our cooking arrangements? Will we have shared finances for the household or just take care of our own business?
I´ve been looking at apartments for three people and there are certainly some attractive offers out there, we just have to be fast enough. I have also sent them both a message to think about what annoys them most in a roommate and what could be annoying about us.

Here are mine:

Most annoying to me…

  • Leaving things on the kitchen side
    • Like tea bags, banana skins, empty or half-empty cereal bowls, yoghurt cups (especially if the spoon is still in it) etc.
  • Making too much noise while washing up
  • Too many people in the kitchen at once
  • Leaving my bedroom door open

Possibly annoying things about me…

  • I´m a Vegetarian (tending towards vegan)
  • I am cealiac
  • I rant about the SVP (Right-wing party)
  • I sing…loudly
  • My job requires me to work late, which means I´ll come home late and I might be hungry, so I might make some noise in the kitchen…though I do try to keep it down
  • It is not my intuitive nature to put the toilet seat down (my mother´s complaint…)
  • I have anxiety and may express irrational behaviour
  • I have an obsession with pressure marks…though I am much better at hiding now xD

But the good thing is: I hate conflict, so I´ll try to avoid it by not giving any reason for it, I love baking, I like talking to people, I´m actually quite good at singing, I like cooking for people aaaand…what else? I don´t bite? xD

Referring to the title, I will be moving of “Hotel mum and dad”, though itßs not exactly a hotel, I will have to do a LOT more than I do now. I will have to learn to clean more reguarly, do my own washing (though in my defense, I don´t see much point in everyone washing their clothes seperately if we all wear similar colours and such), motivate myself to do my own ironing, dust -.-, hoover etc., take care of my finances more, regulate my spendings, toughen up when it comes to confrontation…aaand…yes xD

The thing is, I didn´t do it quite like my sister. I´m not quite sure how she did it, but my parents wanted so badly for her to move out, they bought her an apartment. Apparently I´m too easy to live with -.- not that I would want them to buy me an apartment, at least paying some of my own rent will make me feel a tiny bit independant.

Anyway, so we will see how this all works out. If this person I am going to meet on Wednesday hates gays or foreigners, we might have a problem. Other than that, I´m sure we´ll figure something out.


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