The platform

People shift like magnets at a distance. Unplug their ears, their eyes they won’t they can’t and they stay isolated seeking communication from anywhere but here elsewhere on a screen in a world not this, not different Waiting Endlessly, digitally


Never left me any air to breathe, I exhaled anyway. Never left me any eyes to see, My sight caught the light of day. No, we never quite saw eye to eye, You thought you were above of me Thing is, I was only shy, Relying on your vanity. So look at me now, you … More Pride

Sunlight, Starlight – Midnight poetry

Sunlight, Starlight in their eyes Dreams of moonlight in their smile Sunlight, moonlight, breath of life Moonlight, Starlight, stopping time Fire and water how they move Rain and sky and earth and moon Every time a different tune of Sunlight, Starlight, Earth and Moon Trembling words, cold and fire a never-ending row of liars necessities … More Sunlight, Starlight – Midnight poetry