A rare breed

All I can do is speak from experience, which can only be my own. When it comes to sex, I find there is always a status quo, a general opinion of whether or not you are sexually active and this status quo changes throughout different phases of growing up. When you’re little, it’s often conceived … More A rare breed

Turns out, he´s gay

Five years after leaving my wonderful secondary school (7,8,9th grade), I´ve talked to an old friend I was bullied with. I got on with him quite well, I critisized him for supporting the SVP (Swiss people´s party…right-wing fucking idiots…anyway) and he probably always thought I was a bit of a hippie. But other than that, … More Turns out, he´s gay

The end of an era

Just a thought before I go to bed. If I said that this is something everybody experiences, I’d be lying. Not everybody graduates. Not everybody even has the chance to go to school. So before I make the mistake of generalizing graduation for everyone, let’s say – everybody has experienced or will experience at one … More The end of an era

An interesting conversation

In my post “The terrorists have won” -> https://pinappleflavouredpeople.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/the-terrorists-have-won/ I mentioned that this whole fight against terrorism, especially against Islamic fundamentalist terrorism has caused for xenophobia to grow in Western countries. For example, the hijab has become topic of many political discussions. It has been banned from public places and/or government buildings in France and … More An interesting conversation

The constant rushing

I can’t sleep, my thoughts are spinning and tomorrow morning I know I will be knackered. They told me to see the big picture, getting ready for my exams and all; so, homework isn’t just homework, it’s preparation for my big exams aswell as remembering everything my teachers tell me. But the more I see … More The constant rushing