“Wake Up, Germany”

The internet is a wonderous place, where everybody can voice their opinion, more or less abiding the rules of grammar. There have been posts by Mr. Donald Trump telling Germany to “WAKE UP”, because of the attacks on new year´s eve in Cologne (women getting attacked by men including rape, apparently refugees or of foreign … More “Wake Up, Germany”

Turns out, he´s gay

Five years after leaving my wonderful secondary school (7,8,9th grade), I´ve talked to an old friend I was bullied with. I got on with him quite well, I critisized him for supporting the SVP (Swiss people´s party…right-wing fucking idiots…anyway) and he probably always thought I was a bit of a hippie. But other than that, … More Turns out, he´s gay

Recap of my first university semester

Hello, hello, hellooooo *imagine this in Count Olaf´s voice from “Lemony Snicket´s: An unfortuante series of events”* I´m back, it´s three a.m. and I am knackered – absolutely knackered. But I can´t sleep. Today I finally got all my christmas shopping done, almost fainted because I donated blood yesterday and I have finished all my … More Recap of my first university semester